Products that Elevate You to Your HIGH-Est

At Be Your High-Est, we offer a line of products focused on helping people achieve better physical and mental health.

All our products are:

Vegan & Cruelty-FreeOrganicNon-GMOSustainable100 percent natural

Quality Counts

We use the highest quality ingredients to create premium quality products. We are committed to providing all-natural products that make a difference in the lives of our customers. Please read our full Mission Statement.

🔗 FAQs for 5000MG CBD Skin Creams and Muscle Recovery Rubs

Our line of skin topicals are designed to moisturize and soothe your pains away.

Gamer Streamer Pain Relief & Skin Remedy Push-Up Deep Mint Scent

Pain Relief & Skin Remedy Push-Up (Unscented & Fragrance-Free)

Heelz Pain Relief & Skin Remedy Push-Up Geranium Rose Mint Scent

This potent natural herbal mix may help reduce pain and discomfort while also offering natural anandamide production, boosting mood, relaxation, and mindfulness.   

🔗 FAQs for Delta-8 and Delta-9 Caramels

Our 2:1 Elevate Caramels are a revolutionary product. We take great pride in these caramels and what they can do for our customers.

Destress Caramels

Elevate Caramels

🔗 FAQs for UNDOO

Undoo capsules are a soft gel capsule intended to ease the reset/manage your tolerance or you can reduce the side effects of cannabis overconsumption.

UNDOO® (Reverse Effects of CBD & Delta-8 THC)