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Q: What exactly are CBD gummies?
A: CBD gummies look pretty much similar to the candy treats you can find out there. However, they are infused with CBD oil. Therefore, people who consume CBD gummies will experience the unique health benefits that come along with CBD. We manufacture CBD gummies with unique terpene blends, including full-spectrum CBD oil. On top of that, we ensure that our team sources CBD from organically grown hemp within the United States. As a result, CBD gummies are a perfect method for people to get their daily CBD dose in a sweeter and more comfortable way.

Q: Why should I buy Be Your Highest Gummies?
A: Be Your Highest offers the highest quality CBD gummies that you can purchase from the market as of now. Our CBD gummies offer a higher concentration of CBD. On top of that, we also adhere to the industry standards when offering CBD gummies. This ensures that you are getting the best possible returns out of our products in the long run. CBD concentration that comes along with gummies will get quickly absorbed into your body and help you with experiencing the positive effects. Our CBD gummies are made out of non-GMO hemp, and you shouldn’t keep any second thoughts in mind when you use them.

Q: What benefits can I get out of CBD gummies?
A: One of the most significant benefits of CBD gummies is convenience. You can easily consume CBD gummies whenever you want. Since they are sweet and tasty, you will not dislike the idea of taking your daily dose of CBD as well. When you continue to take CBD gummies daily, you can experience the positive results that CBD can offer. For example, you may achieve excellent mental support, improved mood, and pain relief. On top of that, you may relax and overcome the difficulties you have with sleeping.

Q: Are CBD gummies effective?
A: CBD gummies are edibles. The CBD content that comes along with CBD gummies will be absorbed into your body through the digestive system. This can be a relatively slow method of absorbing CBD. That’s because the gut enzymes will have to break down CBD gummies and absorb CBD that comes along with them. Even though it takes some time to experience the results, you may still call CBD gummies a perfect method to consume CBD.

Q: What effects can I experience after the consumption of CBD gummies?
A: The exact effects you can expect to receive out of CBD gummies would vary depending on your CBD tolerance levels and the concentration of CBD that was available with the gummy. However, you can expect to receive a calm, relaxed, and comfortable experience after a period of around 30 minutes to one hour of consuming CBD gummies.

Q: How many CBD gummies can I consume within a day?
A: You need to find the answer to this based on the concentration of CBD that comes along with the CBD gummies you consume. Please try micro-dosing the gummies first by splitting one gummy into four pieces; take one of those pieces every 3-4 hours to determine your tolerance level. If you are a regular CBD user and feel comfortable, we encourage you to consume (1) one Be Your Highest CBD gummy per day, providing around 25-30 mg of CBD. This is more than enough for you to get your daily intake of CBD.

Q: How long will the effects last?
A: The duration of effects offered by CBD gummies would vary from one person to another. In general, you can expect the results to last from around two hours to seven hours.

Q: Is, Be Your Highest CBD gummies certified organic?
A: While we do not have the USDA certifications at this time, all of the products that we source do have this certification. At this time, we are a new company; therefore, we cannot afford the astronomical costs associated with gaining a USDA and Hemp Authority certification to add to our labels.

Q: Do you provide certificates of analysis?
A: We always provide third-party testing Certificates of Analysis (COA) on all of our products to prove potency and prove that there are no residual solvents or pesticides in the final product. Specific results on our COAs can always be found on our Lab Results on each individual product page or our website header menu. Our oral sprays, gummies, and caramel products are currently tested for: Potency, Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Aflatoxins, and Microbial Contaminants.

Q: What types of ingredients do you use in your products?
A: Our products are formulated with organic ingredients, closely monitored in a GMP facility, and formulated in an ISO-certified lab. We use only high-quality organic flavorings, organic herbal ingredients, and carrier oils for all of our products.

Q: How do the Be Your Highest CBD gummies taste?
A: They taste great because they have ORGANIC and natural herbal flavors and adaptogens formulated by a nutritionist. We do not use high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener because it can increase your risk of developing a fatty liver or diabetes. However, alternatively, we use tapioca syrup with about 130 calories per 100 grams, making it the better alternative to corn syrup.

Q: What happens if I feel too high after taking too many gummies?
A: This has happened before, so no worries! Please keep your gummies out of children’s and pets’ reach. If you receive free generous samples from us, please DO NOT take them all at once; this WILL cause a significant uncomfortable high. As with any supplement, testing the waters and finding the balance is critical. Except for our Delta-8 THC gummies, most of our products are THC-free or under 0.3% THC and do not contain any psychotoxic or intoxicating components. However, we highly not to exceed one gummy per day. Most of our gummies do not typically induce any high unless you happen to go overboard. Our gummy products have mild amounts of cannabinoids. However, if you have concerns, please check out our Undoo® Product available if you happen to induce too much of a high.

Q: Are there any potential side effects?
A: The common potential side effects of hemp-derived CBD products may include drowsiness, lethargy, lowered blood pressure, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. Please consult with your physician before adding any supplement to your health and wellness regimen.

Q: Are Be Your Highest gummies gluten and dairy-free?
A: Yes, and in addition, there is no sugar, starch, wheat, soy, eggs, salt, or dairy.

Q: What are the chances of having an allergic reaction?
A: Since there are no fillers or artificial ingredients, the chance of an allergic or nauseous reaction is improbable.

Q: How do I store the gummies?
A: Please do not expose the gummies to extreme heat by leaving them in your car for prolonged periods.

Q: What is the shelf-life of our products, and do they need special storage?
A: The shelf-life of our products is 12-18 months, unsealed and unopened. We recommend storing the products in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. The Gummies are subject to melting if exposed to extreme temperature changes.

Q: Do I need to use my Be Your Highest gummies with food?
A: This is unnecessary since the ingredients are already absorbable, unlike other supplement forms. They do not require food to absorb but can be taken with food if desired. Please consult with your health professional to combine with medications.

Q: Are Be Your Highest gummies products made in the USA?
A: Yes, we are proud to say that we are a military-owned corporation and that our products are made and packaged in the USA!

Q: Are our Be Your Highest gummies manufactured in an approved facility?
A: Be Your Highest products are manufactured according to the FDA’s regulatory requirement for supplements called the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).

Q: What is your Return Policy?
A: We guarantee satisfaction on all of our products, and we will always make any mishap situations right and in favor of our customers. We understand that gummies may be a new concept for you, and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied, please reach out to us immediately at hello@assuaged.com so we can work on resolving your issue.

Q: What hazards can be avoided by consuming Be Your Highest gummies?
A: There are poisonous CBD products because companies choose profits over ethics by irresponsibility sourcing ingredients from China and importing them to the USA. At Be Your Highest, we spend time and money sourcing the best quality for the sole interest of protecting our customers.

Q: What is the difference between CBD gummies and medical marijuana?
A: Medical marijuana comes along with a high THC concentration. THC is responsible for delivering psychoactive effects. However, CBD gummies come with CBD and trace amounts of THC. Therefore, you will never get high, and you don’t have to worry too much about experiencing any psychoactive effects after consumption.

Q: Can I give CBD gummies to my kids?
A: CBD is recommended for kids who are aged above four years. You may think about offering CBD gummies to your child. However, we encourage you to discuss this with your family doctor or pediatrician. Then you can have a clear idea about the dose and how you should be giving CBD gummies to your children.

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