Mission Statement

Be Your HIGH-Est

Be Your High-Est was founded with the belief that through self-care and wellness strategies, we can overcome challenges and become our best selves. Founders Thane and Cynthia Murphy have worked exceptionally hard to overcome physical disabilities and challenges. They created this brand to spread awareness and help others use holistic approaches to overcome their own challenges and become the best versions of themselves.

Products that Elevate You to Your HIGH-Est

At Be Your High-Est, we offer a line of products focused on helping people achieve better physical and mental health.

All our products are:

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Sustainable
  • 100 percent natural

Quality Counts

We use the highest quality ingredients to create premium quality products. We are committed to providing all-natural products that make a difference in the lives of our customers.

CBD HOOHAH Oral Sprays

We have a unique line of CBD sprays that are packed with organic superfoods. We take great pride in providing our customers with 100 percent natural and real CBD and Delta-8 oral sprays and oils. We use a farm-to-shelf approach to ensure a responsibly sourced, safely handled, and high-quality product every time.

Our Hoohah line includes sprays designed to enhance your life:

5000MG CBD Skin Creams and Muscle Recovery Rubs

Be Your Highest premium organic natural vegan muscle rubs are guaranteed to make you feel soothed and relaxed. Competitors' price formulated rubs for $400+. Our rubs come at a reasonable cost.

Not only do our stick rubs act as a moisturizer skin agent but also as a natural anti-inflammatory. The 5000mg of CBD may help relieve pain in the body and distribute its benefits throughout your system. 

Our line of skin topicals are designed to moisturize and soothe your pains away:

This potent natural herbal mix may help reduce pain and discomfort while also offering natural anandamide production, boosting mood, relaxation, and mindfulness.     

Delta-8, Multivitamin, Sleepytime, and CBDA Gummies

Our Delta-8, Multivitamin, Sleepytime, and CBDA Gummies have been carefully designed with the highest-quality ingredients to give our customers the natural benefits of these ingredients while packing an amazing burst of flavor.

Delta-8 and Delta-9 Caramels

Our 2:1 Elevate Caramels are a revolutionary product. We take great pride in these caramels and what they can do for our customers.

Destress Caramels: These do exactly what you would think by the title. These yummy little caramels were designed to help relieve stress through the natural calming properties of Delta-9.

Elevate Caramels: If you feel a little down, sluggish, or just unmotivated, give these babies a try! They are packed with all the things to bring your energy up, inspire you and bring you all-around good vibes.

Practice Mindfulness

At Be Your HIGH-Est, we believe that to become our best selves; we must pay attention to things we put into our bodies and what we put inside our minds. We believe that there is a lot of power in practicing mindfulness and taking control of our trapped emotions and traumas.

We create our products in alignment with the belief that we can all become our high-est selves if we feed our bodies and minds the right things. If you have questions about our products or want to know more about our beliefs around health and wellness, we encourage you to browse our site or contact us directly.

We would love to welcome you to our ever-growing community!

Please e-mail hello@assuaged.com for any support needs. If you have any questions or requests at all, please TEXT or call us at (650) 538-6633.

We thank you for your continued patronage during this time and for your understanding. Thank you for continuing to #supportlocal by taking the steps to #shopsmall

With love and care,