The Benefits of Mixing CBD and Coffee

Why should you mix CBD and Coffee? Recently, the combination of coffee and CBD has become extremely popular. But why is that? First and foremost, CBD improves the mental alertness induced by caffeine while reducing side effects like anxiety. This combination has gained such popularity that you can even find coffee beans pre-mixed with CBD.

Are you intrigued by this potent combination? Read on, as we will discuss how to give it a try.


More Than Just Marketing

This trend extends beyond clever marketing. The main appeal of this mix lies in how CBD can reduce the side effects of caffeine consumption. It not only minimizes adverse effects but also enhances the alertness from coffee and prolongs its impact, meaning you won’t require as much coffee as before.

Benefits of Mixing CBD and Coffee

For a long time, the legality of cannabis in most parts of the world hindered establishing its true benefits. Now, with legislative changes, more research has been conducted, leading scientists to understand why coffee pairs well with CBD.

Here are some observed benefits:

1. It Enhances Mental Alertness

CBD interacts with the same neurotransmitters as caffeine. This interaction amplifies the effects when you mix caffeine with CBD. Adenosine, key to controlling mental alertness, builds up in the brain over time, making us feel sluggish and tired. Caffeine adheres to receptors, preventing adenosine from making us tired and keeping us alert. CBD improves the functioning of these receptors so caffeine can work more efficiently. Furthermore, CBD interacts with serotonin, promoting a better sense of wellbeing and motivation.

2. It Prevents Anxiety

CBD is often used to manage anxiety. It offers various mechanisms to promote relaxation, including enhancing GABA activity, regulating our stress response, and even reducing brain inflammation caused by anxiety.

3. Effects Last Longer

Both caffeine and CBD are processed by the liver using specialized enzymes. Due to their similarities, they utilize the same enzymes, meaning the liver can only process a certain amount at a time. This results in slower processing time and extended effects.


If you're looking to enhance the effects of your daily coffee while reducing potential side effects, mixing CBD and caffeine might be worth trying. Consider preparing a bulletproof coffee with CBD for an effect that lasts all day.

Ready to take the leap into a more energized yet relaxed state? Try mixing CBD with your coffee and feel the difference it makes in your day. Don't just take our word for it, experience it for yourself and let CBD transform your daily caffeine routine.

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