Delta 8 Oil for Pain Management Instead of Opioids: A New Trend

Many people have recently started using Delta 8 oil for various reasons, including stress relief; however, emerging studies are finding that Delta 8 (D8) may be effective for pain management. And to go even further, how does it stack against other forms of pain management like opium? 


Managing the pain: something necessary in today's modern world

Managing pain is something that it's becoming harder to accomplish. 1 in 5 Americans is currently suffering from chronic pain. So far, one of the most used options for pain management is opioids; they are very effective but carry many side effects.

That's why Delta 8 has started to be considered as an alternative to opioids when it comes to pain management. 

What is Delta 8?

Delta THC comes from hemp, a secondary cannabinoid, and makes up 0.01% of the cannabis plant. It is a degraded form of THC generated when the plant's flower is exposed to oxygen during processing and storage.

Since Delta 8 is a small percentage of what can be found in the plant, manufacturers must use other techniques to produce it. They usually need to refine it using different components like CBD. Because of these safe practices, Delta-8 products are readily available. 

Another question many people ask is: can you get high while taking Delta 8? The truth is that Delta-8, coming from the THC, is lightly psychotropic, meaning you can get high with this. With the level of this being at around two-thirds of Delta-9. According to different users, you can experience lucid body feeling without the usual paranoia of THC Delta-9 usage. 


How can Delta 8 help pain relief?

Recent research has found that the CB1 receptor plays a vital role in pain regulation. It is placed strategically in the regions that control pain signals. When Delta-8 bonds with the receptor, it can alleviate pain and produce THC effects. Because it's slightly different than Delta 9, it is less potent regarding side effects. 

Compared with opioids, the side effects are less severe, which can place Delta-8 as a potential option for pain management. 

How can you use Delta 8 for pain management?

You can use Delta-8 for pain control and management in many different ways. You can find it in Vape concentrates, gummies, and oil forms. Delta 8 is also possible to find edibles, like gel capsules and some oral sprays. 

When it comes to sprays, we want to recommend the Delta-8 Hoohah Oral Spray. This vegan, organic oral spray with 3000 MG of Delta-8 is perfect for sleep aid and the rested sensation you get when you sleep well through your REM phases.

Also, if you are going through pain, you can consider it complementary to your pain treatment if your doctor is ok with it. 

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