CBD and Meditation: Is It a Good Combination?

As much as we hate stress, the truth is that we need it to survive. It is a natural answer to the body to things that are not good for us or could harm us. Research has shown that stress can power up our memory and performance. However, when constantly stressed out, there lies the risk of potential health issues; therefore, we need to take extra precautions in caring for ourselves.

Lately, people have started to use Meditation to control stress, and CBD has also found its way into the meditation process. For some people, this can help them relax more often, escaping the mental stressors of life. Another question is if CBD has a place in Meditation and if it is a good idea to try.

Be-Your Highest-CBD-and-Meditation-is-it-a-Good-Combination

What is CBD, and what does it do?

CBD is a compound in the cannabis plant that has many uses in the medicinal and therapeutic fields. It is important to note that CBD is not psychoactive, so you won’t feel high or intoxicated when you consume it unless consumed in high amounts. CBD can alleviate pain, anxiety, and inflammation and work as a muscle relaxer. 

CBD and Meditation 

As we have mentioned, people can meditate for different reasons, to clear their minds, relax, and have better control over their thoughts. But many people can feel intimidated by the idea of being quiet for a long time. Hence, many people refrain from trying Meditation. 

CBD can be your best friend, especially if you are a mom or active in the workforce. When consumed in a proper dose, your anxiety and nervousness can be reduced, and you can relax and start meditating. Do you have screaming kids running a muck in the home? Does dinner need to be served soon? Are you a stressed-out college student seeking a quick getaway without leaving home? Look no further; CBD is here to help you.

Some people are opposed to the usage of external substances in Meditation. And they can have a valid point. However, there are records from the ancient India of people that consumed cannabis while meditating. Also, CBD is not psychoactive, and you won’t be in an inhibited state when using it. 

Be-Your Highest-CBD-and-Meditation-is-it-a-Good-Combination

Using CBD in a meditation session

There are different ways in which we can incorporate CBD into meditation sessions; some of them are:

Vaping is a good way of consuming CBD, as you can take it before your meditation session. It has an immediate effect, so you won’t have to wait long until its relaxing effect kicks in. 

Tints are popular and can be applied under the tongue and are absorbed in that way. They have a fast activation time, which can vary depending on the concentration. 

Edibles can make you eat higher doses of CBD, but the reaction time might be slower, so try to consume them 30 minutes before your meditation session. The most common edibles are cookies, brownies, caramels, gummies, tinctures, and oral sprays.

Take a break from the significant stressors in your life today and try CBD, a legal remedy with 0.3% of THC, which will not display on any drug testing. Have a hempful time incorporating methods of CBD with Meditation.


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